[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Derivative Makes Sub-200Mhz Machines Acceptable Again

[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Derivative Makes Sub-200Mhz Machines Acceptable Again

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 12 Jun 2009 16:50:10

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CrunchBang Linux is best for old notebook

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| It is also interesting looking because it makes use of Conky, which is a free
| software system monitor for the X Window System. and since it is prominently
| sitting on the desktop, it makes it seem easy to check it out and start to
| configure it, with all the examples out there it really isn that tough.
| CrunchBang ran great on that 192MB of RAM dinosaur with Firefox running (with
| the included Adobe Flash, by the way!), only bogging down when the Package
| Manager was also running.
| All in all, whether or not your PC is old and worn out, CrunchBang Linux is a
| great player in Linux arena!



#! CrunchBang Linux Review

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| I recently decided to try out CrunchBang Linux. The lightweight, Ubuntu based
| Linux distribution although lacking some of the features of a modern GNOME or
| KDE desktop still stuns.
| [...]
| Default Applications. This distribution has some of the best preinstalled
| software installed. Gwibber, Skypehe list goes on. Although some
| applications have been replaced by lightweight alternatives: Evolution with
| ClawsMail, OpenOffice Writer with ABIWordthe choices are reasonable for a
| desktop that is designed to be lightweight. Likewise, there are some great
| oddities in the erminal Appssection: everything from web browser to
| torrent client can be accomplished through the CLI and that will surely speak
| to the inner geek . Oh and did I mention Flash and other restricted formats
| are enabled by default.


CrunchBang Linux Review

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| This distro happens to be what I'm running right now i went through dozens of
| other distributions to find one that is easy to use and that suits my
| multimedia needs. Crunchbang plays all of my music, movies, pdf's, word
| documents.... you get the point. I would definatley recommend this distro
| for any one thats looking for something that has many powerful multimedia
| tools right out of the box.


CrunchBang Linux 8.10

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| CrunchBang Linux (#!) is a lightweight Ubuntu-based distribution featuring
| the OpenBox window manager and Conky system monitor. The distribution is
| essentially a minimal Ubuntu install with a custom set of installed packages,
| and it has been designed to offer a balance between speed and functionality.
| The light system requirements suggest that CrunchBang Linux is a perfect
| match for an outdated computer or a netbook. With this in mind, your author
| tested CrunchBang Linux 8.10.02 on an Acer Aspire One with a 8 GB SSD and 512
| MB RAM. Since the RAM is on the low end, this puts to the test how
| lightweight CrunchBang Linux really is.
| [...]
| If you are looking for an easy-to-use and lightweight Linux distribution,
| CrunchBang Linux should definitely be considered. The combination of the
| OpenBox window manager and Conky system monitor with an Ubuntu base and a
| carefully chosen set of lightweight applications makes it unique. With
| CrunchBang Linux, you can revive an updated computer or let your netbook
| shine. Moreover, the huge set of available Ubuntu documentation also applies