The "Wonderful" World of Windows The "Wonderful" World Of Linux

The "Wonderful" World of Windows The "Wonderful" World Of Linux

Post by Andrew Hal » Sat, 12 Jul 2008 01:56:48

That one's hilarious. How long has flatfish been trolling in this newsgroup
again? 5 years? 10? And he still thinks people would believe that?

The best lies are embroidered with threads of truth.

Only thing that matters here is the shell. And then, the only differences
are whether to use export or setenv. Flatworm's really outdone himself this
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1. What a Wonderful World

2. The wonderful world of keys

Just a *** .

Would one be correct in saying that "a key represents the set of
antecedents of the material implication in a relation's predicate?".

I have always considered keys in terms of functional
dependencies/determinants, and was trying to reword it in the
terminology of logic. I liked the idea of describing a key using "if
then" to explain why there cannot be any other consequent values, and
so why (logically) the column has to be a unique, because I could then
analogise to java students (who always have trouble with this sort of
thing) why its nonsensical to have duplicate key values with a bit of
code like:

switch (empID)
case 1: salary = 20000; break;
case 1: salary = 30000; break;

But on considering the possibility of a relation having a superkey
which includes all its attributes, and hence where there is no material
implication at all in its describing predicate, I ran into a bit of a
mental block. Perhaps my analogy is awry, I'm not certain, as I seem
then to be saying in this case that there is nothing on the other side
of the -> implication, other than a 'true'. Perhaps this is ok?
Thoughts welcome.

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