OpenSuse 11.1 a real piece of crap...

OpenSuse 11.1 a real piece of crap...

Post by Doctor Smi » Tue, 24 Feb 2009 13:08:54

just had the unfortunate experience of helping a friend install and
subsequently remove OpenSuse 11.1.
I have always felt that Suse was a quality version of Linux but all that
has changed since 10.0 which was the last version I used.

The system is pretty basic, Asus P4 board with Nvidia graphics card and
dual flat screen monitors of different brands and resolutions.

The one oddball situation is that the guy is using the onboard RAID
controller but in EIDE mode,no raid.

Disks are set up as follows (Windows):

Disk 1 on IDE 0 partitioned into C: and G: (freespace of 40G)
Disk 2 CDROM on IDE 1 I forget what letter this one was.
Disk 3 and 4 on VIA RAID controller disks D: and E:

That is how Windows XP has the system set up and looking in the BIOS this
is the way it is set up there as well.

Install Suse using all the freespace on 'G:' drive.
Install is slow, but it finishes and when the system reboots Grub shows
Windows as well as Linux and everything boots fine.

Go to do updates and it fails with a can't find repository message.
Go into control center/yast/god knows where (more on this later) and check
all repositories.
Now it installs updates but it's very confusing.
What happened to the old Yast which was easy to use?

This new method is a mess.
There are multiple places to do things and it's not logical what is where.

Anyway, time to set up the printer which is a low end HP Laserjet.
The printer is located but when a test page is printed nothing prints.
I hunt around and find that the wrong driver was installed
This took about 2 hours to find.
We find the correct driver, force the install and now it works.
Sort of.
Print is very light and no amount of screwing with the HP panel makes it
Does the self test fine.
Prints from Windows XP fine.

Next problem is sound.
He is using the onboard SoundMax system which works except every time a web
page or window is opened the sound stutters.

Probably some kind of IRQ conflict, but again this all works fine under
Windows including surround sound.

Now we try to set up the dual monitors.
For some reason, Suse/Nvidia thinks the left monitor is secondary and the
right one is primary.
Completely opposite of Windows XP as well as LinuxMint which we tried on
this same system last week.

No amount of screwing around could make these monitors swap so we just
moved the plugs.
This is trivial with Windows XP BTW.

Google shows a number of Xorg.conf hacks to fix this problem.
Are they kidding?

Well the person who this system belongs to played with Suse for a day or
two and then wanted to chuck it because he hated it.

I told him to boot his BartPe or Ultimateboot disk and run fdisk/mbr,
something he was already familiar with.
He does this and now ends up with a system that gives the NTOS kernel
missing message and won't boot.
Thinking he did something wrong I go to his house and take a look.
I try my CD's with the same results.

Even the Windows XP CD won't put this thing back.

We boot the Opensuse DVD and we are able to boot the Windows XP partition
so we know everything is still there, it just seems like the new boot
record is getting written to the wrong place.

And THAT is exactly what was happening.

SuSe decided to make another partition (/boot I believe) the ACTIVE
partition so when the fdisk/mbr was being run it was writing the boot
record to the wrong drive!

What kind of slopware is this?