[News] MySQL Database Sparks Copyright Debate, Monty Goes on "Save MySQL" World Tour

[News] MySQL Database Sparks Copyright Debate, Monty Goes on "Save MySQL" World Tour

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| But now that MySQL looks destined to be
| owned by Oracle, people are worried that
| Oracle won put much energy into the
| project. MySQL was designed to be a
| replacement for Oracle bread and butter
| products, so it is obvious that as the new
| owner, Oracle won be working too hard to
| put itself out of business, thus the only
| real question is how much less effort will
| be put into MySQL. Since MySQL was
| published under the GPL, it would be very
| hard for another company to commercialize
| it, which will limit the chances that a
| well funded fork could be created. MySQL
| future growth looks pretty small, or at
| least much smaller than it could have been
| under a different owner.


MySQL founder turns to China, Russia to halt Oracle

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| Michael Widenius, the creator of the MySQL
| database, said he is turning his vocal
| campaign against Oracle's planned takeover
| of Sun Microsystems to China and Russia
| because the European Commission appears set
| to clear the deal.



Why I will not sign the MySQL petition

,----[ Quote ]
| If you sell something, you don own it any
| longer. MySQL is now SUNs business. And if
| SUN decides to sell themselves to Oracle | it is their business. If the MySQL founders
| and fanboys don like this, they simply
| shouldn have sold MySQL to SUN in the
| first instance.


Monty Widenius wants another billion dollars, should we help him?

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| What does elp MySQLadvocate, in a
| nutshell? It claims that if Oracle were to
| merge with Sun, MySQL customers would be
| trapped in a market that would be pretty
| much controlled and captured by Oracle,
| both through its existing propietary
| databases offerings and the acquisition of
| MySQL. Another issue explained on the web
| site is that the inherent free and open
| source nature of MySQL will not be enough
| to grant effective freedoms to the market
| since Oracle would be the sole copyright
| owner of the code and trademarks.


MySQL: decision time is nigh

,----[ Quote ]
| Is Oracle keen on MySQL because of the
| market control? Or is it because Oracle
| sees MySQL as a means to possibly defeat
| Microsoft's ambitions in the database
| market, where its SQL Server product is
| used for similar purposes as MySQL?
| The only person I've noticed who mentioned
| this is Eben Moglen , a well-known legal
| figure in free software circles.
| But anyone who knows anything about the
| history of the computer industry is aware
| of the intense animosity between Oracle
| supremo Larry Ellison and Microsoft co-
| founder Bill Gates.
| At the level at which these men operate,
| money isn't a consideration. Power is,
| rubbing one's competitor's face in the mud
| is, especially when there is past
| animosity. Here is just one example of how
| much Ellison dislikes Microsoft.


Why MySQL's creator thinks IBM c

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I have two Mysql databases. One is the master and the other is slave.

I need to keep update with slave database to keep some tables the same
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The first idea in my mind is to write a php script to read datas from
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But I still think it is a little complex to judge which code I need to
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So, any good idea to do this job? Any tool I can use?

Water Lin


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