[News] GNU/Linux-only Shop Makes More GNU/Linux Switchers

[News] GNU/Linux-only Shop Makes More GNU/Linux Switchers

Post by Roy Schest » Sun, 06 Sep 2009 00:32:20

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ZaReason's New Linux Netbook, How to Thrive in a Tough Market

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| Cathy and Earl Malmrose founded ZaReason several years ago. ZaReason is a
| Linux OEM that has long intrigued me for a number of reasons: they encourage
| customers to open their boxes and tinker, they specialize in OEM Linux boxes,
| and they demonstrate that there is still room for independent shops in the
| rough-and-tumble world of computer retailing. In many ways the independents
| out-perform the big businesses as they understand Linux and Linux users, and
| a Linux-only shop doesn't have to contend with the pressures and restrictions
| that Microsoft puts on its partners.


25 tips to make the switch to Linux easy

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| If you are still in doubt if it's wise to switch from Windows to Linux, you
| should have a look at the recently published list with "25 Linux tips for
| Windows switchers"



ZaReason Launches Ubuntu Linux Netbook

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| It official. ZaReason is launching an Ubuntu Linux netbook called the Terra
| A20, confirms CTO Earl Malmrose.


ZaReason Ion Breeze 3770

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| While this is the first NVIDIA ION nettop that we have tested under Linux
| (along with being the first ZaReason system we have reviewed), we were left
| being quite pleased with the Ion Breeze 3770. When using the proprietary
| Linux driver from NVIDIA, the GeForce 9400M GPU works great with an Intel
| Atom processor and delivers excellent video playback capabilities and is able
| to even run some games. Aside from faster graphics, when factoring out the
| other hardware differences with today's tests, the NVIDIA MCP79 performs
| about the same as the Intel 945 with ICH7 Southbridge.


ZaReason Readies Ubuntu 9.04 PCs, Servers

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| On the server front, ZaReason launched its first rack-mount Ubuntu servers in
| March, and Malmrose says ZaReason will be growing that product line
| throughout 2009. Also, customers are using ZaReason UntangleBox as a
| server, notes Malmrose.


ZaReason: An Amazing Attack of Linux Cluefulness

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| Genuine cluefulness in any business is a rare pleasure, and that is why I
| like ZaReason so much. ZaReason sells Linux boxes: desktop, server, netbook,
| and pretty much whatever you want, just ask. I first "met" Cathy Malmrose,
| the CEO of ZaReason, on the Linuxchix mailing lists, but her business didn't
| really grab my attention until I heard about their Ubuntu keyboard.


Review: ZaReason Makes Desktop Linux A Breeze

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| The Bottom Line: If you need a basic, low-end PC without the hassles and
| security concerns tied to Windows, ZaReason Breeze is a breathe of fresh
| air.

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