[News] Microsoft Attacks GNU/Linux, Then Tries to Befriend GNU/Linux Bloggers

[News] Microsoft Attacks GNU/Linux, Then Tries to Befriend GNU/Linux Bloggers

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 14 May 2010 15:40:39

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Microsoft is Committed to Open Source

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| The irony is the fact that this email came
| out around the same time as Microsoft
| decided to utilize closed source patents in
| IE9 instead of public domain codices such
| as Theora. Apple even followed suit. To
| make matters worse, Microsoft is waging a
| patent war against Android smartphones,
| claiming that they infringe on their
| patents. So with all of this activity
| against open source, how can Microsoft
| claim that they are committed to it?
| The thing is, nothing about this makes
| sense. At first, I got the impression that
| they are planning to destroy Open Source
| while masquerading as supporting it. That
| would make sense, given their patent wars
| against open source software. Then again,
| if they really wanted to get word out that
| they support open source, wouldn they
| push this nonsense to more sources? What
| exactly are they trying to achieve?
| Microsoft has a history of not making sense
| when it comes to open source software.
| First, they submit code to the Linux kernel
| knowing that it would never be accepted
| anyway, and then they opened up the Outlook
| file format. After that, this year
| Microsoft starts their war with Android and
| HTC, bullying companies into buying license
| agreements for things that haven been
| proven to be under Microsoft ownership,
| and then announcing that IE9 will use
| proprietary media formats.

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Microsoft blames open source for revenue fall

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| Microsoft has listed companies such as Red Hat and Canonical, both sellers of
| GNU/Linux, among the reasons for the 17 percent fall in revenue for the
| fourth quarter, year on year.


Oiling the digital society

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| That shared ideology is far more significant than the specifics of particular
| alliances or clashes over certain parts of the market. Google's Chrome OS,
| for example, is really just a minor adjustment of pieces on the chess board
| of the modern computing industry, neither a declaration of intent against
| Microsoft nor an attempt to annex GNU/Linux into Google's worldview.



Is free the new pay?

,----[ Quote ]
| Matthew Szulik runs a successful business that gives its products away for
| free.
| What is more, Mr Szulik was recently named the United States Entrepreneur of
| the Year.
| The company he works for - Red Hat - turns a profit by distributing free,
| open source software; computer programs and applications that anyone can
| download.

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