[News] Pharmaceutical Cartel Uses Patents to Increase Deaths, Also Intimidates Witnesses and Lobbies Heavily

[News] Pharmaceutical Cartel Uses Patents to Increase Deaths, Also Intimidates Witnesses and Lobbies Heavily

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 14 Aug 2009 18:57:25

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India Prepares EU Trade Complaint

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| India plans to file a complaint with the World Trade Organization alleging
| that the European Union allowed big pharmaceutical companies to use the
| bloc's tough patent laws to have national customs agencies detain generic
| *** in transit to developing countries, according to India's commerce
| secretary.


Big Pharma Abusing Patent Laws To Seize And Destroy Legal Indian Generic ***


A Fine Kettle of Pfizer Fish

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| Here's a fine kettle of fish. Pfizer's lawyers hired a detective who ended up
| intimidating a witness the day before he was due to testify...


Merck Wants Profit Boosters for Gardasil


And Microsoft is friends with those companies...


Harnessing the Crowd to Make Better *** : Merck Friend Nails Down $5M to
Propel New Open Source Era

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| Sage is built on the premise that vast networks of genes get perturbed, or
| thrown off-kilter, in complex diseases like cancer, diabetes, and obesity.
| Scientists can just pick one faulty gene or protein and make a magic bullet
| to shut it down. But what if researchers around the world capturing genomic
| profiles on patients could get all of their data to talk to each other
| through a free, open database? A researcher in Seattle looking at how all
| 35,000 genes in *** cancer patients are dialed on or off at a certain
| stage of illness might be able to make critical comparisons by stacking
| results up against a deeper and broader data pool that integrates clinical,
| genetic, and other molecular data from peers in, say, San Francisco, New
| Haven, CT, or anywhere else.

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ *** -mercks-stephen-friend-nails-down-5m-to-propel-biology-into-open-source-era/

Academic Astroturfing for Medical Profits

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| JAMA has a rather scathing editorial condemning what is apparently the
| practice of ghostwriting and appending known specialists names as lead
| authors in studies that are then used to promote pharmaceuticals and medical
| devices.

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