[News] Free Software Value Shown by Attack on Twitter

[News] Free Software Value Shown by Attack on Twitter

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 12 Aug 2009 20:55:32

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Open Source witterCould Fend Off the Next Twitpocalypse

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| Last week denial-of-service attack that knocked Twitter offline was aimed
| at one man a blogger in the former Soviet republic of Georgia called
| Cyxymu. Nonetheless, it caused the entire Twitter universe to blink out of
| existence for hours. This struck some detractors of the service as hilarious
| (how do hese peoplecomplain about Twitter being down if Twitter is
| down?). But the truth of the matter is that Twitter is an increasingly
| important lubricant for greasing the wheels of the web.


Obama loses (another) cybersecurity bigwig

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| Yet another high-ranking government official in charge of securing the
| country's computer networks has resigned. This time, it's the head of the US
| Department of Homeland Security's Computer Emergency Readiness Team.
| [...]
| Kwon's departure announcement follows that of Melissa E. Hathaway, the White
| House interim top aide for cybersecurity, who last week also submitted a
| letter of resignation following delays by the Obama administration in
| appointing a permanent director to oversee the safety of the nation's vital
| computer networks. Insiders had expected the position to be filled months
| ago.


Georgian blogger calls for Twitter attack probe

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| The pro-Georgian blogger who was the target of attacks that shut down
| micro-blogging website Twitter last week has called on Russian President
| Dmitry Medvedev to track down the culprits.



Hackers hit Twitter and Facebook

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| Denial-of-service (DOS) attacks take various forms but often involve a
| company's servers being flooded with data in an effort to disable them.


Dastardly DDoSers down Gawker

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| New York-based media news and gossip blog network Gawker is recovering from a
| debilitating denial of service attack.


Researcher: Twitter attack targeted anti-Russian blogger

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| As Twitter struggled to return to normal Wednesday evening, a trickle of
| details suggested that the outage that left 30 million users unable to use
| the micro-blogging service for several hours - at least in part - may have
| been the result of a spam campaign that targeted a single user who vocally
| supports the Republic of Georgia.


How Twitter was killed

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| DDoS attacks are hard to beat. While some Twitter fans are claiming that this
| is the biggest DDoS attack ever, I'm inclined to doubt it. Twitter, even
| though its performance has gotten much better, has often teetered on the edge
| of collapse due to the enormous load its users put on its social network
| infrastructure. No, the DDoS attack on Google earlier this year was probably
| still the worst attack on record.
| How is this happening? Well, let me tell you. Today's DDoS attacks are made
| by Windows-powered botnets. They're not terribly sophisticated about these
| atta