[News] Censorship Comes to Venezuela, Comcast Fights Against the Internet

[News] Censorship Comes to Venezuela, Comcast Fights Against the Internet

Post by Roy Schest » Thu, 20 Aug 2009 21:14:19

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Venezuela adopts censorship

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| Venezuela has adopted a law censoring all newsmedia, prohibiting publication
| of anything that could encourage hatred or aggression, or
| even "indiscipline", among children. It also prohibits anything that "deforms
| the language" or attacks "healthy values, good customs or public health".


Comcast Fights FCC Net Neutrality Order

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| The case is important because other broadband ISPs have privately feared the
| FCC order could hold jurisdiction over them as well.



Venezuela adopts ODF for government

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| Venezuela joins a growing list of countries which have adopted the open
| format as a method for exchanging documents within government and with
| citizens. These countries include fellow South Americans Uruguay and Brazil,
| as well as Malaysia, South Africa and Belgium.
| The ODF Alliance previously listed 14 national governments and eight
| provincial governments as having adopted the ODF standard, with Venezuela
| adding more South American weight to the list.


Comcast Internet throttling is up and running

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| COMCAST, the second-largest US cable television and Internet communications
| service provider, has a new broadband traffic throttling scheme installed and
| operating in all of its markets.
| The ISP's new regime for restricting its customers' bandwidth utilisation
| replaces its former stealthy practice of arbitrarily blocking subscribers'
| peer-to-peer (P2P) upload traffic, which was criticised by the FCC last year
| after it was exposed by the Associated Press and others.


Using Linux to Overcome Comcast's Policy of FUD

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| It's been two months now since Comcast announced its suffocating 250GB/month
| bandwidth quota (not cap). Needless to say, I've been infuriated with them
| since day one... I understand the methodology behind this kind of decision in
| regards to network administration... but why do they have to be such Nazis
| about it!!?!?
| [...]
| So in the end, Linux has solved all of my problems yet again. I will never
| have to worry about approaching 250GB in the dark. Untangle has been a huge
| help for me, and it just might help you if you're a heavy bandwidth user like
| I am.


Comcast, Verizon Agree To Cease-Fire On Patents

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| Comcast and Verizon Communications have inked a deal under which the two
| companies have agreed to not sue each other over patent claims for a period
| of five years, according to company sources and published reports.


Comcast, NetZero latest providers to bow to Cuomo's Usenet campaign

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| But in reality, Cuomo's pressure tactics have misfired. They led Time Warner
| Cable to pull the plug on some 100,000 Usenet discussion groups, including
| such hotbeds of illicit content as talk.politic