[News] Ubuntu's Community Manager Talks About a Great GNU/Linux Year

[News] Ubuntu's Community Manager Talks About a Great GNU/Linux Year

Post by Roy Schest » Mon, 31 Dec 2007 01:08:26

007 in Review, 2008 on the Drawing Board

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| 2007 has been a stunning year for Open Source - the machine continues to get
| sleeker, smoother, and is rampaging on in its mission to kick arse and take
| names. Irrespective of competition, distributions, companies and brands, I
| think 2007 has been an excellent year for the core ideal and ethos of Open
| Source and Free Software. We have seen growth, acceptance, successes and a
| continuation of form that sees our world blur into the wider world, while
| retaining our core principles and ideals.
| It has also been a great year for Ubuntu. This is my first full year working
| at Canonical, and it has been a joy to not only see the growth in the
| community but a growth in the business impact of Ubuntu and the technology
| continue to grow, mature and refine. I am really pleased to see more and more
| OEMs shipping with Ubuntu, and I have been chuffed to bits to see the
| community evolve, and our processes scale when the crunch is on. We still
| have lots of work to do, but we are getting there, and boy do we have a great
| community to help us all get there together. There has not been a day pass by
| when I haven felt privileged to work with such an inspiring group of
| contributors.


7 reasons why you should use Ubuntu?

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| I have been using Ubuntu for 4 days now. It makes me addicted to it.


Quote for the day:

"Microsoft never asked me if it was OK to send in this number, and they never
said it was being sent. They are apparently building a database that relates
Ethernet adapter addresses to personal information."

--Robert M. Smith


Top Five Open Source Stories Of 2007

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| It's been a landmark year for open source, and in so many different ways that
| even a casual survey of the year's events will range far and wide. Here's a
| quick rundown of what to me were the top five open source events of the
| year -- not an exhaustive list, of course, but the things that best reflected
| how important and widely entrenched open source software (especially Linux)
| has become.


Editors' retrospective -- Linux Devices in 2007

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| * Mobile Internet tablets took off, fueled by Nokia's N800 and N810
| models, as well as Intel's Mobile Internet Device (MID) project...
| * The mobile browser wars began in earnest, with commercial vendors like
| Opera, Access, and OpenWave taking a backseat to open source browser
| projects...
| * As the "post-PC" world shifts attention from desktops and laptops to
| new form factors such as mobile Internet tablets...


2007 Roundup: Open source comes of age

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| Two major open source projects finally came to fruition in 2007, bringing
| with them major headlines.
| The One Laptop Per Child project finally rolled its first machines off the
| production line, and the latest version of the GNU General Public Licence
| arrived after 18 months of hard draft.
| The OLPC had a rocky year, after orders placed with Nigeria in 2006 were
| canc