[News] Paper Explains Why Anticircumvention Impedes Innovation, Net Neutrality Fought for

[News] Paper Explains Why Anticircumvention Impedes Innovation, Net Neutrality Fought for

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The Imperfect is the Enemy of the Good: Anticircumvention Versus Open Innovation

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| Digital Rights Management, law-backed
| technological control of usage of copyrighted
| works, is clearly imperfect: It often fails to
| stop piracy and frequently blocks non-
| infringing uses. Yet the drive to correct
| these imperfections masks a deeper conflict,
| between the DRM system of anticircumvention
| and open development in the entire surrounding
| media environment. This conflict, at the heart
| of the DRM schema, will only deepen, even if
| other aspects of DRM can be improved. This
| paper takes a systemic look at the legal,
| technical, and business environment of DRM to
| highlight this openness conflict and its
| effects.


East, west coast cities mull pro-net neutrality resolutions

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| San Francisco considered its measure at a
| hearing just before Thanksgiving. The
| resolution urges the FCC to "to codify strong
| network neutrality principles in order to
| ensure that the Internet will continue to
| foster innovation, increase competition, and
| spur economic growth as well as making the
| Internet faster and more affordable for all."



The Ever-Nimble, Mobile Linux

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| I know that not many people ever believed it,
| but the old complaint about free software never
| innovating is being disproved magnificently in
| a whole new field: mobile phones. It's becoming
| increasing clear that alongside the iPhone,
| which is still the leader in this sector at
| the moment the other driving force is mobile
| Linux.
| [...]
| That's why free software will always *power*
| more innovation than closed source, even if it
| is not always itself the most innovative
| technology.

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