[News] MAFIAA Broke Wiretap Law, Now Fights to Forbid Personal Backups

[News] MAFIAA Broke Wiretap Law, Now Fights to Forbid Personal Backups

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Play it again: Tenenbaum team tries to toss MediaSentry evidence

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| The year's second major P2P trial kicks off in one month, and Harvard Law
| professor Charles Nesson wants to mount some of the same attacks that failed
| in the first case. Nesson argues that all of the RIAA's MediaSentry
| investigative evidence must be banned from trial, as the company violated
| wiretap law and private detective licensing law.


MPAA says Real's patent attempt saps RealDVD argument

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| The MPAA has taken Real to court to try to stop the company from selling
| RealDVD, a software that enables users to copy DVDs to a hard drive, as well
| as Facet, a DVD player that can also create digital copies of DVDs and store
| them as well. U.S. District Judge Marilyn Patel is due soon to decide whether
| to continue banning sales of RealDVD until a full trial decides whether the
| technology violates copyright law.


Ramblings from the Marginalized

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| The small Connecticut town of New Milford has gotten the attention of ASCAP.
| They are being told to pay for a license but the town says no...
| Several months ago, the town of New Milford decided not to sign a licensing
| agreement with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
| (ASCAP).



Cher, Sonny Bono heirs sue Universal Music for $5 million

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| Cher has sued Universal Music Group, claiming that the label creative
| accounting has shortchanged her and the heirs of her late ex-husband Sonny
| Bono to the tune of $5 million.


RIAA Sued For Racketeering Yet Again

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| A few people have filed lawsuits against the RIAA for racketeering in the
| past, though these charges have always been dismissed. In one such case,
| where the filed charges were dismissed over the summer, new claims were filed
| again charging the RIAA with racketeering for extortion, mail fraud and wire
| fraud in its ongoing efforts involving weakly supported threats against
| alleged file sharers demanding money to avoid being sued.


The RIAA vs. 19 Year Old Cancer Patient

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| Among the RIAA's latest targets in its campaign to sue its customer base into
| submission is a 19-year-old cancer patient. Ciaro Sauro was ruled a music
| pirate after failing to defend herself in court against charges from the RIAA
| that she was sharing music files online. Ms. Sauro has said she couldn't
| defend herself as she is hospitalized once a week, and vehemently denies the
| allegations that she is a pirate.

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