[News] OpenOffice.org 3.2 Plans Laid Out, University of Osnabrueck Helps GUI Changes

[News] OpenOffice.org 3.2 Plans Laid Out, University of Osnabrueck Helps GUI Changes

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What's up in OOo 3.2?

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2 weeks it is planned to branch off the code line for OOo 3.2. A Beta
| will be released based on that version if the members of the release
| status meeting approve it.
| Currently the developer milestone DEV300m57 will be uploaded and will be
| available soon. To help checking the new features or finding the new UI
| for translation I created a Wiki page with all integrated feature and
| enhancements (based on the feature announcements).


New: OpenOffice.org 2.4.3 available


Project Renaissance - Support from the University of Osnabrueck

,----[ Quote ]
| In addition to going through gazillions of feedback regarding the
| prototypes on different channels, thinking and discussing further UX
| engineering initiatives, analyzing the data collected using a new, office
| productivity specific version of the IsoMetrics usability questionnaire,
| there are two university projects that we give advice to in parallel.


10 Amazing Tricks for Open Office

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| Open Office has carved a niche in the office suite market as the most
| viable alternative for Microsoft Office. It's popularity is contributed to
| the fact that it is a freeware and it supports standard OpenDocument
| Format as well as Microsoft Office formats. With a Microsoft Office like
| interface and all essential features, the Open Office suite has been
| designed to meet the needs of most office environments. It's no wonder
| that small and mid-sized entrepreneurs running on budget are increasingly
| switching to this open source office suite. Open Office 3.0 version was a
| major upgrade and now we have the 3.1 version with enhanced features and
| bug fixes. Features introduced in the Office Suite includes a vector-
| based drawing environment called Draw, a presentation program called
| Impress, a spreadsheet program called Calc, and several others. With so
| much on offer, you still have a lot to explore in Open Office. To enhance
| your experience with the Office Suite we offer you 10 amazing tricks for
| Open Office.



Saving a Billion Using Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| A leading bank in India saved Rs 100 crore by moving from MS Office to
| Office. It is simple mathematicsf MS Office costs Rs 11,000 per user,
| the organization has 1,00,000 desktops, the company would save a cool Rs
| crore on licensing costs if it moved to Open Office. Even if we budget Rs
| crore for training and support costs, the company would end up saving Rs
| crore.


Openoffice.org - Five things MS Office users do not know.

,----[ Quote ]
| High Quality Office Suite.
| OO.org is developed by a worldwide community of people like you and I. You
| can contribute to the development of this great application in so many
| the easiest of which is to donate some few dollars to help cover the cost
| development. Having thousands of people develop the application has

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Vol 140 Issue 2 2009-10-17 Article 22378 from section "OpenOffice"

Release Set for November 2009

In his blog entry "Security and Privacy Feature Improvements in
upcoming OpenOffice.org 3.2" Malte Timmermann considers features
users will find in the next release of the solution.

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