[News] Acer Chooses Linux for Phones, More Android/Linux Phones Coming

[News] Acer Chooses Linux for Phones, More Android/Linux Phones Coming

Post by Roy Schest » Sat, 23 May 2009 10:56:27

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Acer Android Phone Coming This Year

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| Acer said it would be releasing this year a smartphone that's powered by the
| Google-backed Android operating system.
| The PC maker jumped in the smartphone market this year with its Tempo line of
| devices. The company is looking to capture up to 5% of the growing smartphone
| market within five years by offering handsets that are free with contract or
| have a low price.


Android phone number 2 coming to 3

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| Since it runs the Android operating system, you'll get the usual features
| including Google Maps (complete with Street View's compass mode), the
| application marketplace, and other Google services such as Talk, Gmail,
| Calendar and YouTube.



Acer Aspire Revo hits retail, is surprisingly affordable

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| Today, the supposedly-affordable-and-tiny 1080p-capable PC has become
| available at Play.com, and it's... well, surprisingly affordable. Today's
| listings show the base model - equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N230
| processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8GB SSD, GeForce 9400M graphics and a Linux
| operating system - etailing at a cost of 149.99.


Acer ponders Android smartphone

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| Acer has followed in the footsteps of arch rival Asus with talk of possible
| plans to launch an Android-based smartphone.


Thin Acer Aspire One netbook suggests SSD, Linux

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| Before Acer moved to 10-inch netbooks from 8.9-inch versions, it used such a
| slot to bolster the limited storage capacity for its SSD-equipped Aspire
| Ones.


One month of living with an Acer Aspire One and Fedora 10

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| Personally, I like the little fellow and Fedora 10 works well! ;-)


Acer Aspire One and Fedora 10

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| This particular Netbook has been on the market a while and
| a number of people have shared their experiences with
| changing the operating system. My first thought was to
| install the latest version of Ubuntu Linux but research
| seemed to indicate that Fedora 10 was perhaps a little more
| compatible with the Aspire One hardware and would require
| less command line tinkering.
| I sure the situation of Linux release compatibility is
| constantly changing so my choice may not match your own
| decision.
| Not being sure how successful this Linux transformation
| would be, I decided to leave Windows XP on the Aspire One
| and have it dual-boot Linux and Windows. What follows are
| the basic steps for accomplishing this from the 10,000 foot
| level. You can find much more detail and knowledge here,
| here and here.


Review: Acer Aspire One

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| So overall, I like the Aspire One. It's much better than the similarly priced
| Asus Eee PC 701, but I will be installing Ubuntu I