[News] FOSS Groups Fight Lobbying with Lobbying

[News] FOSS Groups Fight Lobbying with Lobbying

Post by Roy Schest » Tue, 16 Mar 2010 01:55:29

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Software Freedom Has A Posse

,----[ Quote ]
| Youl recall I posted a long analysis of the
| sick position the IIPA took urging the US Trade
| Representative (USTR) to discriminate against
| countries around the world if they have a
| preference for software freedom. That analysis
| become an input for the excellent position
| statement, written collaboratively by the OSI
| Board and posted by OSI President Michael
| Tiemann, calling for action by national groups.


OSFA joins OSI in refuting IIPA's attack on open source



OSFA Submits Guidlines to Obama Administration

,----[ Quote ]
| Check out OpenGov Tracker. The ideas are
| there, with good discussion, but I
| doubtful about the numbers. The op ideas | all have under 100 votes. It a new site,
| sure, but I wonder if people can get
| enthusiastic about trying to influence the
| government.

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So one can conclude that if Google did not undertake similar lobbying
it would be left dead in the water in the IT stakes.

Some years ago a major software firm (not IBM, Apple or Google)
managed to get a false story planted in the Boston Globe concerning
expenses of the then State's IT chief. His career there was wrecked
despite an inquiry completely vindicating him. Has Google done that
sort of thing? - not as far as I know.

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