[News] Guidance for Putting Vista/Vista7 Alongside a GNU/Linux Installation, Securing GNU/Linux

[News] Guidance for Putting Vista/Vista7 Alongside a GNU/Linux Installation, Securing GNU/Linux

Post by Roy Schest » Fri, 30 Oct 2009 17:43:00

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Dual-Booting Linux And Windows: Easier Said than Done

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| Not normally being a huge fan of Windows
| software, I do have a different view of Acronis
| Disk Director Suite. For those individuals that
| simply must dual-boot Windows and Linux, this
| is my recommended approach.
| Even though it is not deemed as necessary since
| it is possible to dual-boot without it,
| inexperienced users will find this is vastly
| safer to use than rolling the dice and hoping
| you remember which partition is which when
| installing that second OS.


Many millions of computers comes with dual-boot (fast boot).

10 easy steps to secure your Linux machine

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| Whether you use a single desktop or manage a
| lab full of servers, with the various threats
| we all face from hackers these days you simply
| have to make sure you're running a secure ship.
| Running Linux gives you some inherent
| protection from attack, but you still need to
| take adequate steps to thwart any attempts that
| people might make to compromise your system.



Windows and Linux on the Same Laptop? You bettcha!

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| The EE Times reported earlier this week that the Dell E4200 and E4300 laptops
| are running both Linux and Windows on the same machine. Why both you ask? The
| Linux OS provides a quick boot for checking email and other "light" computing
| duties while the Windows side allows "heavier duty" computing like running
| Microsoft Office applications. It runs with two chips, one from ARM and one
| from Intel. The ARM chip, provides instant on booting and is much more power
| efficient, while the Intel chip provides the juice to run apps that require
| more computing power.

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