[News] New Episode of Linux Basement; Debate About What Represents the GNU-Linux System

[News] New Episode of Linux Basement; Debate About What Represents the GNU-Linux System

Post by Roy Schest » Wed, 24 Feb 2010 09:41:59

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LB - Episode 50 - Milestone Debauchery by Linux Ba *** t

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Who is Linux, really?

,----[ Quote ]
| While Linus developed the first Linux kernel
| he is not Linux. Linus is the father of Linux
| and Linux is his creation so Linus cannot be
| Linux. Richard is the founder of the GNU
| revolution and most of the key programs in a
| typical Linux distribution are from the GNU
| umbrella but they are only a part and not the
| whole of Linux. Mark has single handedly done
| more for Linux popularity than just about
| anyone else. He is the one who I would say
| that put glamour in the Linux name. Who can
| put any higher praise on Linux than someone
| who has been to space I ask you? Tux has been
| around almost as long as the Linux kernel has
| when a guy called Larry Ewing was inspired to
| draw a penguin relaxing after gorging on
| bountiful fish. Since then Tux has been the
| Linux mascot and one of the most famous
| computing mascots of all time, so much so
| that many businesses not even related to
| computing are using his image. If you want to
| see just exactly who Linux is then follow
| these directions.



Apple Built a Better Kitty (Thanks to Linux)

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, where do you think Apple and MS might have learned this salubrious
| lesson, my fellow geek-watchers? Could it have been largely from watching
| Linux take off in Netbooks and cheap PCs? Might it possibly have something to
| do with the remarkable success of the Ubuntu Linux product and its
| increasingly sophisticated, feature-rich, but eminently small and functional
| OS? Linux desktops, led by GNOME and KDE, along with distros such as Ubuntu,
| PCLinuxOS, Linux Mint, and MEPIS, have been quietly carving the path that the
| corporate monsters of the software industry have at last chosen to follow:
| make thy kernel light, stable, and versatile, and let thy desktop be smart
| and slim, with only enough features to support and enhance the user
| experience, and no more.
| And incidentally, would it be too much to ask of Mr. Ballmer or Mr. Jobs to
| simply say so, to give credit where it due? No, that wouldn be the
| corporate thing, the profitable thing, the wee-number-one thing, the
| competitive thing to do. It would only be the fair thing.

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