[News] World's Tiniest Server of Its Kind Runs Linux

[News] World's Tiniest Server of Its Kind Runs Linux

Post by Roy Schest » Thu, 15 Oct 2009 22:50:51

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World's smallest Linux networking server?

,----[ Quote ]
| Lantronix announced its latest XPort embedded
| networking module, which it touts as the
| "world's smallest Linux networking server."
| The XPort Pro measures 1.33 x 0.64 x 0.53
| inches, and offers 8MB of SDRAM, 16MB of
| flash, RJ45 Ethernet and serial ports, a web
| server, SSH and SSL security, and IPv6 support.


ACAL Technology - World's smallest self-contained Linux networking server


Acal unveils RJ45-sized Linux networking server

,----[ Quote ]
| One for the record books? Distributor Acal
| Technology has samples of what is claimed to
| be the world's smallest, self-contained Linux
| networking server. It fits in an an extended
| RJ-45 connector, believe it or not.



Plat'Home Announces OpenBlockS 600 - Smaller Faster Greener Linux Server

,----[ Quote ]
| -Plat'Home, Japan's Linux pioneer, today announced the OpenBlockS
| 600, the new model of the OpenBlockS series, a line of compact
| and durable Linux micro servers. It packs a 600 MHz CPU, a full
| Gigabyte of RAM and Gigabit Ethernet in a palm-sized box. Heat
| and dust resistant and just 5 x 3 x 1 inches, it fits and
| survives in any small corner. And at a mere 8 W power
| consumption, it's friendly to both wallet and environment.



Open source in Japan: Q&A with the President of Plat'Home

,----[ Quote ]
| ...ultimately, I believe the opportunity for Linux expanding into a
| wide range of devices, including, of course, entertainment devices like
| set-top boxes, cell phones, and other mobile devices, radically dwarfs
| the opportunity for broadcast entertainment. Even today, when you search,
| when you make a phone call, when you do online banking, you're using
| Linux. And it's only the beginning. I wanted to be a part of that.
| Asay: Plat'Home started selling Linux in Japan in 1993. That's really early
| days. Why Linux?
| Suzuki: Linux is powerful, in a lot of ways, especially for what it
| doesn't do. Let me explain. It's possible to deliver more computing
| power -- that is, more functionality and more stability -- into a wide
| range of devices, especially small ones. Its small footprint was very
| appealing. This was already apparent even from early on. Basically, we
| saw it as having the potential to get very sophisticated software into
| the hands of users. No compromises.


OpenMicroServer: Tiny Footprint Linux Server

,----[ Quote ]
| I saw an announcement that the OpenMicroServer (OMS) is now available in the
| U.S. It has been produced in Japan for some time but has just been made
| available domestically. What cool about it is that it is small and can be
| powered from an Ethernet port. It reminded me of the BlackDog USB Server that
| made a splash a couple years back.The little OMS only measures 9x 4x 1.3 | It officially supported for

[News] World's Tiniest Server of Its Kind Runs Linux

Post by Ezekie » Thu, 15 Oct 2009 23:03:22

It looks like a really cool device but...

----> "Windows DeviceInstaller software " What's up with that?

I'd get one but what the hell do I do with it? There's no USB ports to
connect to.