Hermes-2 drivers?

Hermes-2 drivers?

Post by Peter Chri » Sat, 04 Dec 2004 21:02:42

I've got a laptop with a built-in Agere mini pci 0508 network card. This
appears to use the Hermes-2 chipset. Has anyone managed to get one of these
working under Linux?

The Orinoco driver doesn't work - it doesn't appear to support Hermes-2. The
official Agere driver is *very* flaky, and only works with 2.4 kernels (I'm
using 2.6 as this is an AMD64 machine, and it refuses to compile!).
NDISwrapper plus the Windoze driver says there is no device present, even
though the same driver works fine under windoze!

I've been trying to find a contact address for Agere to *** about their
driver, but the documentation in the driver refers you to their website, which
only appears to direct you to sales people! No e-mail address for tech queries
that I can find....

Suggestions, anyone?

(make the obvious amendments to reply!)

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2. New mailing lists for Hermes and UniPrint users

Two new mailing lists have been set up for users and potential users
of R-Comp's applications Hermes and UniPrint to enable discussion of
all matters concerning these two applications.

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About Hermes

Hermes is a mail transport application with advanced features. It is
supplied with R-Comp's DialUp and NetFetch Internet packages but can
also be used as a stand-alone application. It can be used as a direct
replacement for POPstar for fetching mail, with many additional
features, and can also fetch RSS feeds.

About UniPrint

UniPrint is a utility that enables RISC OS users to print to any
printer via a networked PC regardless of whether it has a RISC OS
printer driver. It also enables PC files to be launched on the PC in
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