web server suggestions?

web server suggestions?

Post by Steve Wolf » Wed, 16 Jul 2003 08:15:45

> I am researching buying some new servers for my company's website,

Most of the decision may be out of your control. If your shop is the
type that believes that having a 24/365 support contract from a big name
is a necessity, then you're stuck with whatever Dell or Compaq sees fit to
sell you. If, however, you have more flexibility, there's a wide variety
from which to choose.

You haven't mentioned whether space is an issue, which will play a
large factor in the cost. I'll assume that you (a) have a rack to put
your machines in, and (b) are somewhat space-conscious, because that
assumption makes my job easier. : )

I've used a number of SuperMicro 6013P-8 systems (
http://www.yqcomputer.com/ ),
and have nothing but praise for them. They're a nearly complete system -
you provide the CPU, memory, and hard drives (floppy and CDROM come with
it), and are top performers. I pitted them against E7501-based
motherboards from other vendors, and they were at the top of the pack in
performance - and they've also been rock-solid. They're in 1U chassis, so
you save lots of space in the rack (2U and 4U versions are also
available), and the hot-swappable drive bays make that part of the setup a
snap. They've also got dual gigE ports, as well.

If you're handling your front-end load with 4x550 MHz machines right
now, one or two of these with sets of some (relatively) inexpensive 2.4-
or 2.66-GHz processers would likely do you just fine on the front end. I
also have a very strong hunch that one of them would run circles around
the e450 for DB work, as well. : )

Of course, there are lots of questions and options: Do you really need
1U chassis? Do you need more than three disks in each machine? Do you
want IDE instead of SCSI disks?


web server suggestions?

Post by Lars Grob » Wed, 16 Jul 2003 08:44:01


Why not a Sun again? I have some small ones here with Linux, and I really
like them - they come with everything you need, including management

CU Lars.