PCMCIA ADC Card for Linux

PCMCIA ADC Card for Linux

Post by wxgee » Wed, 09 Nov 2005 08:48:37

Was looking for a PCMCIA 4/8 channel Analog-to-Digital card for my
Linux laptop.
Can anyone suggest a card that won't bust my budget?

Jim M.

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I recently rebuilt my Laptop and my netwok adaptor - a Linksys wireless
network adaptor that plugs in to the pcmcia slot.

However, the card isnt being recognised. As soon as I rebooted with the
card in the top slot - it was accepted. So I can only assume that
either the slot is dodgy; or the driver is dodgy; or the registry has
been screwed.

When I plug my usb2 pcmcia card into either slot it is recognised. - no
problem at all. However, because of the shape of these cards, the
wireless adaptor must go in bottom slot if i want both cards plugged

I tried uninstalling driver but it doesnt happen - its still there!
does this require some special procedure?

dont know what to do !...i dont wanna use EITHER the network adapto OR
the usb card - I wanna use both. Please help


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