3ware 7500-4LP Problem

3ware 7500-4LP Problem

Post by geomroc » Thu, 08 Jan 2004 18:59:07

I have a 3ware 7500-4LP connected to 4 Western Digital hard drives
and XFS mounted on it (I run kernel 2.6.0-mm1). I have been using
it for some time with linux with one peculiar problem.
Sometimes when i boot, i cant access the device at boot time...
The 3Ware Bios would say,

120GB Drive InComplete
BIO Not installed

and then linux would say "sda not found, should i remove hardware".
Sometimes switching off the system and powering it back on solved it.
Sometimes it didnt, but i never got stuck. It wud work after few
reboots of the machine or waiting for some time.

Sometime back I flashed the BIOS of the 3Ware card with the latest
firmware availble on their site. The card became more stable. (This
was in Dec sometime). But today when I was compiling the kernel, the
hard drive failed to respond. The filesystem just hanged...When I reboot
I again get the same message...3Ware BIOS not installed. I tried to flash
the 3Ware BIOS again with the new drivers. It still says the same thing.

It might again start working from tomorrow, but i dont want it to crash
my entire XFS before i figure out whatz wrong.

Has anyone else seen such a problem with 3ware cards? I dont think
its anything related to linux. But maybe the driver that Linux uses
modified or used the card in such a way that it failed. (But the driver
is the same as supplied by 3ware), I dont know whatz wrong.

Anyone can help me?

3ware 7500-4LP Problem

Post by geomroc » Fri, 09 Jan 2004 05:00:46

I repushed the power supply to the hard drives and the
3ware card recognised the hard drives again :)

So if anyone else has the same problem, they know what to do ;)