Abit AT7-MAX2/Linux questions

Abit AT7-MAX2/Linux questions

Post by Davi » Sun, 07 Sep 2003 14:59:48

Would like to know if anyone is using an Abit AT7-MAX2 mobo with Linux
and hear their praises and gripes. Especially those using nVidia vid
cards and Audigy2 audio.


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As well as checking the timely and valid query from LVTravel.. (thanks LV, I
should have followed up on that earlier.... :o) .....)

If you can't perform an install on your old MB when you try that will be a
very good indicator of the real problem.

If your CD *is* an install XP CD.. then check you have the CD-ROM connected
via IDE1 or 2 on your mainboard and carefully reconnect the cables
themselves. You may want to try with the HighPoint Controller disabled,
there was a recent post here regarding a *potential* incompatibility.

Update when possible, hopefully with good news - I'm running out of ideas


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