m/b chaintech 9PJL + accusys acs-7500 raid

m/b chaintech 9PJL + accusys acs-7500 raid

Post by RRB » Tue, 02 Dec 2003 18:23:43

Hi to all, i have recently purchased an accusys acs-7500 raid unit to
build a server for a customer.

Now i'm experiencing a big problem, after installing successfully
mandrake linux 9.1 (or suse 8.0 -it's the same-) the system won't boot
the operating system, lilo gives:
L 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 ... and so on for a few seconds then it hangs.

Obviously i have read the manual and some faq's on the
internet but no help.

Please take note that:
-the m/b is a chaintech 9pjl with updated bios (12-5-2003) and that m/b
seems indeed to be the REAL problem;
-the m/b recognises correctly the accusys device;
-when attaching another hd at the same ide master 0 port of the
chaintech m/b the system boots perfectly;
-o.s. is mandrake linux 9.1 kernel 2.4.21 or suse linux kernel 2.4.18;
-o.s. loads from cd perfectly until it tries to reboot, then i have the
-the disks are 2 maxtor 40gb ata133 (reported only for information..);
-when connecting the acs-7500 to an other pc with a cheaper dfi
motherboard and an athlon 1800 it works perfectly.

Perhaps a bios update problem?

I just wondered if anybody have had some similar experience and how
could it be solved.