USB 2.0 Webcam recommendations

USB 2.0 Webcam recommendations

Post by Chip » Mon, 15 May 2006 04:57:50

I'm looking for a pair of nicely programmable USB 2.0 *** s to run
*simultaneously* under a linux core (probably with FC4).

Any recommendations ?

I already know about firewire but the cheapest firewire *** I can
find is still too expensive for the application I have in mind.


Chips'll make it better.

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Need OS X 10.3 compatibility. Prefer something that will mount on the
screen of a 12" iBook. Don't want to spend the $$$ for iSight.

The available OS X drivers won't work for any I can buy off the shelf
at Wal-mart. I've checked. Some that are up on eBay claim Mac
compatibility but I am skeptical. Been down that road before with
unpleasant results.

Any suggestions, or am I SOL?
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