Newbie?? re 3DLabs vid card/HP pen plotter

Newbie?? re 3DLabs vid card/HP pen plotter

Post by Don S. Wri » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 03:51:39

As a frustrated Windows user hoping to soon be MS free, I have a couple of
questions that are delaying the switch.

We have a 3D Labs Wildcat 6110 video card. There are drivers available from
the manufacturer for several RedHat versions at this link
Since we don't want to use RedHat how difficult is it to use/modify these
drivers to work in Mandrake or Debian? There is reference to a "modular
kernel" being required but not sure exactly what they are referring to as we
can find no reference to it anywhere else.. Also which is the correct driver
for which version of these OS'? Would one work better than the other? The
box is a dual processor P4.

The second question has to do with using an HP Draftmaster SX pen
plotterwith Linux. Does anyone have any experience with this? Currently we
print directly from Corel Draw to the plotter. Not sure which Linux vector
drawing program we will use at this point or wether we will just run Corel
in an emulator.

Any help would be appreciated

Don S. Wright