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I've got Fujitsu-Siemens Econel 200 machine (2 x Xeon 3.2GHz, 2GB RAM, 2x
SCSI 75GB Seagate Drives). The problem is that these drives are connected to
one channel - i cannot change it since this is my employer's machine. Second
channel does not have any devices. BIOS copes with it easily - no devices on
second bus - it goes further. But linux (Red Hat AS 3.0) module aic79xx.o (i
suppose it's this module) tries to search devices on second channel (from id
0 to id 15) but fails as soon as there is nothing to find there! I cannot
disable second channel nor from BIOS neither from SCIC(Tm) utility... This
search is about 5 minutes long - with no results - nothing to find since all
2 drives seat on 1st bus. Can anyone help me? Anyone familiar with ths


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i have two aic-7902 onboard u320 controllers on my motherboard. i tried
connecting a nec 4x pro scsi cd rom. the old ones w/ the caddy system. it
gives me an error code 3. what does that mean? i tried looking this up on
adaptec's site but found nothing. apparently they lack support for onboard
controllers. please help.

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