Accursed CMI9739......

Accursed CMI9739......

Post by Peter Chri » Sun, 02 Jan 2005 23:01:03

I have a laptop with a Via 8235 and CMI 9739 combination. Nothing I can do will
persuade this to emit sound under Alsa! All the modules load correctly, there
are no error messages, but equally, no sound!

The only clue is that under alsamixer, I am unable to set the PCM volume level.
It stays resolutely fixed at zero!

I know the CMI 9739 has a PCM volume control bug that only allows settings of 0
or 100%. That doesn't bother me, as the laptop has a hardware volume control.
My problem is that the only option on offer is 0%!

I managed to get sound working using OSS - it worked perfectly up until kernel
2.6.10, under which it has stopped working!

Under Alsa, I have tried every possible combination of dxs_support and
ac97_quirk to no avail.

Has *anyone* had any success with this combination?


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Tim Wescott
Control system and signal processing consulting

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