My Amazon Store

My Amazon Store

Post by coreygee » Fri, 01 Jun 2007 05:10:31

I have compiled a webstore of amazon products from each category: You
will find only the best of the best at the lowest prices and best
quality! OTHERWISE It wouldn't be on there if I didn't feel that is
was one of the best! So, go ahead and check out my store!

you can find more information at:

1. Amazon Store Builder - Amazon Associates Software

2. amazon store builder- gift

Esvon amazon store builder, the unencryped version 1.3

All zipped and ready to use.

These people refused to honor their tech support and are using my name as a
reference on their sites. I have threatened and yelled for months but they
refuse to acknowledge me and take my name off their sites....

I have warned them and now after months of trying, I am giving away the
software (usually 99.00) better yet, it is the unencrypted version.

Lets you use and

If they still do not stop I will post the latest version (though a bit of it
is encrypted) but you could probably modify them to use the unencrypted
verison or even build your own from their code.... the latest version uses
german and japanese amazon feeds..

Here is the link

Download to your hearts content

What the heck, here is the latest version too


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