NIS+LDAP integrated authentication service

NIS+LDAP integrated authentication service

Post by borepstei » Fri, 15 Feb 2008 05:43:12

Hello all,

Assuming one has some machines that can talk LDAP and others (older)
machines which are NIS-only the following are my questions:

1) Is there any server side software that can serve both LDAP and NIS
clients as far as their authentication needs are concerned?

2) Can that software maintain the same authentication database?

3) Can it be run on OpenSuSE (or Linux in general)?

Any help much appreciated.



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That is, unless you're willing to spend money on a cluster or a Layer 4 switch.

We're in the midst of trying to move from NIS+ to LDAP, since Sun has
indicated that NIS+ is on the way out.

We have 2 LDAP servers, with replication from the master to the slave.
Our clients are configured to use both of them. However, we've found that
it takes over 10 minutes for the client to switch from a failed LDAP server
to another.

We escalated this within Sun, and were told that this is how it was
designed. The ldap_cachemgr has to wait for the existing connection
to the failed LDAP server to time out before it will fail over.

While ldap_cachemgr is waiting for the time out to occur, mail bounces,
logins fail, cronjobs fail as well.

I'm really shocked that Sun would offer up LDAP as a replacement for
NIS/NIS+ with this known problem.


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