NFS exporting smbfs mount?

NFS exporting smbfs mount?

Post by napal » Sat, 11 Sep 2004 05:25:34

It looks like we might be faced with the necessity of mounting a CIFS
filesystem on a linux box and then exporting that mount over NFS to
various Solaris machines. (We've tried using Sharity on the Solaris
clients, but it is just not up to *** for reasons I won't go into.)
Searching google, I've seen random mailing list posts that make me think
this is possible, but rpc.mountd and rpc.nfsd on the box I'm testing on
(running a 2.6.3 Mandrake kernel) don't allow re-exporting.

So my question: do other distros use these same rpc.mountd and rpc.nfsd
daemons? (We're not married to a distribution for this box.) Or does
someone have replacements I can use on a linux box that will allow the

Or have I been misled and such a thing (NFS-exporting a mounted CIFS fs,
either as smbfs or, preferably, cifs) is simply not possible?

Thanks for any and all help.


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I'm having problems mounting smbfs partitions in that the first mount will
always lock up. If I go to the mount point and try to list the directory
contents, my shell will just freeze. Usually, after the first mount, if I
mount other windows shares I have no problems accessing them. Just, if I
try to reboot the first share that is locked up will causs the system to
not shut down fully.

I'm running Fedora Core 2 (kernel: 2.6.5-1.358 athlon), smbmount version
3.0.3-5, and I'm connecting to shares on Windows XP Pro SP1. I've also run
across the same problem when trying to mount to a samba share on another
Linux (REBYTE) box.

I've also added all the samba mount points in my fstab. When I remove
"noauto" as an option, it mounts all the windows shares (there are a lot
of them) w/o any problem that I've encountered thus far. (all of them
appear to be working). The only problem w/ this is my Gnome desktop is
then full of mount icons, and I can't figure out how to get them off my
desktop. Also, it is not a good idea (i suppose) to have all these active
connections unless I'm using them. They are created for backup jobs.

When I leave the "noauto" option on, and try to mount them as root I
encounter the same lock up problems.

Is there anymore information you need to help me? Thank you for reading my
post, and thanks in advanced to any replies.


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