How to set SCTP send buffer size per association

How to set SCTP send buffer size per association

Post by Sridha » Tue, 13 May 2008 19:31:11


The setsockopt option in SCTP to set SO_SNDBUF will set the send
buffer size for the whole socket, in the case of a one-to-many socket,
if the HAVE_SCTP_MULTIBUF is set to 0 in the kernel. Are there any
other way by which I can set the send buffer size per association
instead of at the socket level? There is a way to set the receive
buffer size per association using the
sctp_assocparams.sasoc_local_rwnd field with SCTP_ASSOCINFO option on

Any help is appreciated.


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I'm writing a C# application where I'm using the Window Media Player ActiveX
plugin to play back a media stream I receive via HTTP. Everything is working
nicely except that the WMP seems to buffer arbitrarily long and too long for
my taste. For some streams it buffers up to 40 seconds before it starts

I was trying to find a way to reduce the length that WMP would buffer before
it starts playing a stream. I could not find any method calls or properties
in the API that would let me change the buffer size or time. In the WMP GUI,
there are options to modify the buffer and therefore I assumed that this
should be available programmatically as well.

Is there a way to modify the buffer in any way and if so, how can I do that?
Where is that documented?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as the buffer length currently is just
not feasible.


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