Linux for Compaq Contura with 4MB?

Linux for Compaq Contura with 4MB?

Post by Jody » Fri, 05 Dec 2003 00:31:53

I have been looking for a distribution (of sorts) of Linux that is compiled
against uClibc and busybox to put on a Compaq Contura 4/25 with 4MB of RAM.
I cannot seem to find anything like this. Any recommendations? I have been
trying to figure out how to compile against uClibc but I am not too smart in
the cross-compilation arena.

Thanks to all in advance,

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I need to find adaptors that works with two old compaq laptops I
bought. It's hard and expencive to find the original adaptors, but I
don't know enough about electronics to find another one that fits.
The contura is labelled MAX 16.5V (I've read on the internet that the
original adaptor is 16.5V, 2.6AMP)
The aero is labelled MAX 17.5V (On the internet I found out that the
original adaptor is 16.5V, 1.8AMP).

What adaptors should I be able to use? I've tested with the contura
att 16.0V (since it says MAX 16.5), that adaptor was labelled to give
MAX 2.8 AMP at that voltage (which is slightly higher than 2.6, but
since it's a MAX.. shouldn't it work?). But it didn't work at all. At
most the battery-indicator flashes for half a second.

Does anyone have any tips?


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