my (almost) intuitive way to get 1440x1050 real estate (Ubuntu, Debian's)

my (almost) intuitive way to get 1440x1050 real estate (Ubuntu, Debian's)

Post by Michel Fir » Mon, 22 Jan 2007 07:05:18

A Google search about 1400x1050 or intel 82855 and Linux gives a lot of
matches, most of them being some kind of Swahili for the passenger freshly
debarked from Redmond to Ubuntu airport, there are tared roads around the
jungle here...

Here is how I got it my way to get full resolution out of your notebook
with Intel graphics and 1400x1050 LCD panels (Dell, Fujitsu, ...). (Yes
you can get it over the console, but here's my way...)

First of all, if you have *a less capable* second monitor connected to
your laptop, disconnect it, since XOrg will not give you more than the
less capable connected monitor can.

1)From the K Menu (Start) choose System --> Adept package manager.

2) If you see a package named "915resolution" go to 4)

3) You have to get the "universe" repository first: Go to Adept --> manage
repositories. The line http://** edgy universe
is greyed, right-click on it, choose enable. Fetch updates.

4) Click on "915resolution" select "request install" then "apply changes".

5) From System Settings --> Monitor and Display select your 1440x1050
resolution, Apply.

6) Log out --> End current Session from the Login screen, select the icon
at the left and choose "Restart X Server"
(you may have restarted the full OS as well, this is faster)

7) Enjoy your new real estate in Ubuntuland!

(**= your language, else EN)
P.S. this assumes that your monitor has been correctly recognized (it
should), else set it up in System Settings --> Monitor and Display before