Network problems on VAIO PCG-F150

Network problems on VAIO PCG-F150

Post by josegome » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 07:26:18

I have finally installed Debian Woody (2.4.something kernel) on a
Vaio PCG-F150. This was after some sweat to install through the net. I
tried using Debian Woody, Debian Sarge and RH 9.0 net installation
images, and while all booted and were mostly happy with the way things
were, all of them had problems with the network card.

The network card was configured automatically in both RH 9.0 and
Debian Woody netinst (it is a PCMCIA 3Com based on the 3c59x module; I
can't remember the exact model number). The card is configured for
DHCP, and works fine (on another laptop) using Windows 2k. The DHCP
client broadcasts on to (on Debian; on RH, it uses
pump, the request gets out, but nothing answers). In the end, the card
can be configured manually (ifconfig -a and route add default gw xxxx
eth0 way :D), and can ping hosts on the internet and resolve names
(i.e., ping works).

Now, when the installation needs to download a file (usually fairly
large, Packages.gz or a 10-20 Mb file for RH), the computer freezes.
The text installer doesn't respond to the keyboard (I can't change
virtual terminals with Alt+Fn), and a reset it needed. This happens
irrespective of mirror used and of protocol (ftp and http have been

I am able to telnet to other hosts without problems, suggesting that
the problem might lie in relatively dense traffic associated to
downloading a large file over a fast link (we're o a fast university

I have found some references to passing the following parameters to
the kernel:
Unfortunately, I have not been able to try that yet.

I don't know where to look, as I am new to laptops (and linux on
laptops!), so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Network problems on VAIO PCG-F150

Post by JosLuisJos » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 19:21:36

I finally got round to try this out. It is an improvement; the system no
longer crashes on high network load *ALL* the time, but rather quite
often. I managed to download a list of packages from the debian mirrror.

I now get an error from usb-uhc.c:
usb-uhc.c: interrupt, status 30, frame # 1365
usb-uhc.c: Host controller halted, trying to restart (repeasted 3 or 4

While the laptop has USB; it is not being used (at least, not that I know
off!). Can anyone suggest anything?