Cable ?

Cable ?

Post by Terry A. H » Fri, 24 Dec 2004 05:47:48

Mediacom was here today to try to hook up cable internet.

Well apparently there communication was less then complete. They were
supposed to install a nic for me, but that wasn't on the order form. The
technician didn't want to proceed until the nic was installed.

The technician wasn't averse to setting up linux, but was unsure as to
where the proxy settings will be entered. I am assuming this will be
somewhere in the network settings for thew nic?

2nd ?, what is a current good nic for me to buy?

Cable ?

Post by Patrick Mc » Sat, 01 Jan 2005 00:15:03

As far as I know, that would be browser-specific - check the configuration
for whatever browser you plan on using.

Linux supports almost anything these days. You could get a generic nic with
the rtl8139 chipset for under $5. Better nics are made by D-Link, with
higher-end ones being made by Linksys, Intel and 3Com. But, really,
anything should work.

Patrick McDonnell


Cable ?

Post by Richie08 » Mon, 03 Jan 2005 16:03:40

What shotty service. I would not expect the tech that is sent out by an
ISP to know anything about linux really, unless you get really lucky..

And the tech cant proceed until you have a nic really. Its the thing
that connects you to the internet.

And why are you having to connect to a proxy if your using cable? Is
that something that this ISP requires? Most of the time you just hookup
a hub (if you have static IP addresses) or a router (for dynamic ip
addresses).. Static is where your ip is the same all the time and never
changes.. Dynamic is where it could change daily, weekly, yearly, how
ever your isp decides to distribute them. Routers use this thing called
DHCP (dynamic host changing protocol i belive) to assign you an ip.

And you want to know where to enter proxy settings on what OS in
paticular? windows? linux? if linux what distro?

hope that helps