scrollback buffer in terminal

scrollback buffer in terminal

Post by Davi » Mon, 21 Jul 2003 11:34:02

Well here's an irritating "feature." When I am in Konsole and I use vi
or less to open a file, I can't view the scrollback buffer. And when I
quit vi or less, the portion of the screen that contained the file
contents are not available in the scrollback buffer. Any way to correct

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2. Plug-ins - Can you buffer a video before playing?

I am using Frontpage 2003. I am adding a plug-in which is an MPG file to show
a video on my site.

When vistors open the page were I have the video (plug-in) the video starts
to play but is distorted as it is not buffering up and is trying to play in
"real-time". Is there a way that this can be buffered so that the video does
not start until a sufficiant amount has been downloaded to the visitor so as
not to cause jumps and freezes?

When I install the plug-in I select "web component", then "advanced
controls", followed by "Plug-in".

Thanks in advance

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