Sound support, Fedora vs AWE32

Sound support, Fedora vs AWE32

Post by Wired Ear » Wed, 22 Sep 2004 05:40:48

It's my first day on Linux. As you can imagine, I'm confused about sound
support in Fedora Core 2. The Soundcard Detection didn't detect my
Creative Labs AWE32 pnp ISA board. I tried to follow the ALSA drill
anyhow, enabling the sound server and updating modprobe.conf with data
from the matrix, but I suspect I'm going nowhere as long as hardware isn't
detected. And now reports have surfaced on the internet that ALSA "doesn't
like" my particular soundcard and that people have "no luck with ISA
boards of any type". I figure:

1) AWE32 can indeed be installed under ALSA. Keep at it!
2) The commercial Open Sound System drivers are the way to here!
3) But ALSA is cooler. I should just buy a modern PCI soundcard (which?)

What do you suggest? It is also my first post with this newsreader, so
please forgive me if I made a complete mess out of it.

Wired Earp