Is a Xeon a 686 or a Pentium4?

Is a Xeon a 686 or a Pentium4?

Post by blotto32 » Fri, 08 Aug 2003 00:31:20

When I configure the kernel, I am not offered a choice of Xeon. Seems
like Pentium4 or 686 are the closest.

Which should I choose?


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How can I capture (an image) of the contents of Application #A window ...
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applications running, #A & #B. From Application #B, I want to locate
Application #A, then locate #A's currently active desktop window and capture
an image of whatever's being shown.

Application #A - I have no idea what programming method/tools were used to
create this app, but is runs in XP.

Application #B (the imager capturer) - will be written using the .NET CLR
and either C# or VB.NET in a Winforms Applications.

Any pointers or help appreciated.

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