Suse 9.0 XDMCP Problem

Suse 9.0 XDMCP Problem

Post by TestWorkEm » Wed, 25 Feb 2004 00:50:59

I am running ReflectionX on several PCs. I want to be able to use the
xdmcp broadcast feature to allow users to login to the SuSE Linux 9.0
box. It's quite different than the RedHat 8.0 box that I successfully
setup to do this.

Can someone please tell me how to do it on SuSE 9.0?

One more question, I am on a closed network (no internet or outside
world) and I would like to allow the "root" account to login from a
remote machine. I don't have to worry about security issues. Can
someone please tell me how to do this?

-Matt K.

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Fortran program compiled on SuSE 8.0 gives this error message when it's
run on the SuSE 9.0 platform:

forrtl: info: Fortran error message number is 174.
forrtl: warning: Could not open message catalog:
forrtl: info: Check environment variable NLSPATH and protection of

On the SuSE 8.0 platform:
cd /usr/lib is a link to

On the SuSE 9.0 platform:
cd /usr/lib
ll ifcore*
ls: No match.

Is it OK to define a link in /usr/lib on SuSE 9.0 that says -> /opt/intel/fc/9.0/lib/

The two files have slightly different sizes and are in
directories that follow a slightly different naming convention.

How else can I get the 8.0 program to run under 9.0? (I'd prefer not to
recompile on 9.0).


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