what distro for the old systems out there?

what distro for the old systems out there?

Post by Schwa Alie » Tue, 16 Dec 2003 16:50:19

I am just getting my fingers into linux, so bear with me... I am just
messing around with a P200 with 64mb ram and a 1.2 gig HD (cd, floppy etc)

I thought redhat would be best to use as it's often mentioned, it looks
real nice and seems to have everything I could want, but maybe far too
much for this old computer with it's minimal space and ram. Got it
completely installed, but no gnome, just the most basic + X11... (not
enuff for my lazy ass)

I am trying again using some more in-depth package de-selection for
printing and stuff I'm not gonna be doing at all... maybe I can make it
work, but I can sense that this machine's not gonna be very complete
until it's got at least 3 or 4 gigs of working HD space with this
distro. what's smaller *new* and still easy enough for gui *** s version?


what distro for the old systems out there?

Post by mjt » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 02:02:30

... slackware would work nicely. suse would also.
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what distro for the old systems out there?

Post by cmad_ » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 03:57:52

... Suggestion: get yourself a new computer... I know you'll find it
helpful... You can't do much with 64MB RAM and 1.2gig HD nowadays, can

If you're a GUI *** as you say below, just X11 will seem like hell
to you. But since there is not space to add GNOME or KDE, then as I
said, get a new PC. Or anyway get a new HD and a new RAM...

I can't think of a distro with a nice GUI etc etc that will suit your

So either buy a new computer (or a new HD and a new RAM)
Get yourself a QNX ;)


what distro for the old systems out there?

Post by Schwa Alie » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 08:13:18

aye, that's my plan... I have a much newer PC (1.1gig.celeron 768mb ram
37gig HD)that I'm gonna clean out some cobwebs (ie M$ crap) and actually
*use* for a change. I thought it'd be real cool to have a full linux
distro as a router, but it's not necessary to have that, now I realize
there's *linux based* products specifically suited for such a task and
fit in small, old PC machine like mine and can be run headless with good
web remote admin, just like a hardware solution.


what distro for the old systems out there?

Post by mwettac » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 00:46:23

Actually your hardware is not *so* very old. I am just figuring out
how to run linux (and X!) on an old 4MB laptop with 120 MB disk. Some
postings on the web indicate that this is not feasible; but I have
actually found more than one distribution which promises to be able to
do that.

To answer your question: there are several distributions around for
small disks and older computers like yours.

(1) You should have a look at "Vector Linux" 4.0, which is reported to
be quite fast. The ISO download is 200 MB. I seem to remember it is
Slackware based but sleeker and even faster. You do not need to bloat
your PC with KDE or Gnome to do GUI computing; Vector Linux uses ICE
Window Manager which is smaller, faster and still functional. (You
will lose the ability to run the "K" and "Gnome" applications,
however, if you do not install the respective libraries.) I have tried
the install on my laptop and found it quite comfortable.

There is also an "office" version of Vector 3.2 for download (>600 MB)
which includes KDE and Gnome and OpenOffice applications.

(2) Another small distro is "Peanut Linux" (ISO download is 340 MB),
which comes with KDE and OpenOffice. Your PC is low on memory,
however, so you should sacrifice a reasonable portion of your disk
space to a swap partition if you plan to use Java applications like

Maybe you could wait though until the small distros include the newer
OpenOffice version 1.1, which is reported to be faster and better than
the old one.

(3) If you are interested in a Debian based distro you could have a
look into the Canadian Libranet distro (540 MB download).