RHL 9 xsane save-mode working directory

RHL 9 xsane save-mode working directory

Post by Robert M. » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 08:16:58

Does anyone know an easy solution to the next really
annoying change I found when going from RHL 8.0 to RHL 9:
xsane in save mode doesn't put the files in the _current_
working directory, it puts them in some directory whose path
it squirreled away in an earlier session. Grumble...

With RHL 8.0 and earlier, when starting xsane from an xterm,
xsane would put the image files in whatever directory in which it
was started. Now, it puts them in some directory whose path
it squirreled away in some earlier session. So, now instead
of having the image files exactly where I can readily work
with them, they're zapped off in some other directory,
usually wherever I had last run xsane.

I tried removing the pair of lines toward the top of
xsane.rc, but the problem returned the next session.

I could write a wrapper script (probably Perl) that would
capture the _current_ working directory, modify xsane.rc,
then start the real xsane, but that would be almost like
real work.

So, any known easy solutions?


Robert Riches
(Yes, that is one of my email addresses.)

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2. Combobox doesn't work on RHL 8.0


I just tested the example given in man page for combobox on my Linux

#! /bin/sh
# the next line restarts using wish \
exec wish "$0" "$@"

proc selectCmd {} {
puts stdout "[.cb2 getcurselection]"

combobox .cb1 -labeltext Month: \
-selectioncommand {puts "selected: [.cb1 getcurselection]"} \
-editable false -listheight 185 -popupcursor hand1
.cb1 insert list end Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

# Editable Dropdown Combobox
combobox .cb2 -labeltext "Operating System:" -selectioncommand
.cb2 insert list end Linux HP-UX SunOS Solaris Irix
.cb2 insert entry end L

pack .cb1 -padx 10 -pady 10 -fill x
pack .cb2 -padx 10 -pady 10 -fill x


The TCL version is tcl-8.3.3-74
When I execute the script, I am getting an error:

Error in startup script: invalid command name "combobox"
while executing
"combobox .cb1 -labeltext Month: \
-selectioncommand {puts "selected: [.cb1 getcurselection]"} \
-editable false -listheight 185 -popupcurs..."
(file "./123.tcl" line 9)

Is there any problem with the script?


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