nvidia - Linux - Resize - Tv-Out

nvidia - Linux - Resize - Tv-Out

Post by amlino2 » Wed, 13 Aug 2003 03:32:16


I have RH9 with a nvidia geforce3 vcard. The latest Nvidia drivers
have been installed....

I am using the TV-out (S-Video) as my primary monitor. Everything
works fine, but a small thing that is bugging me. The left/right and
bottow of the screen does fit perfect in my TV screen (50" projection
TV). The top does not. To fit everything perfectly, I would have to
resize/strech the top in about 1", otherwise I will always see the 1"
black bar on the top.

Is there anything that can be done to allow screen resize on Linux?


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I have updated the drivers to the official Vista x86 drivers from the Nvidia
website, but still no luck.

The Nvidia Control Panel applet shows up in the Control Panel, and I am able
to select enabling TV-Out detection at startup, but still no luck.

This card ran great with TV-Out on my MCE2005 build. I have not changed any

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