Redhat (fedora core 1 ) four basic quistion !!!!

Redhat (fedora core 1 ) four basic quistion !!!!

Post by m00420200 » Thu, 17 Jun 2004 05:38:14


I have installed linux10.0(fc1)with win2000 .
I have 2 fat32 drive .
My question ..

1) I have installed my modem in linux .
I have read from a document that I need to activate
it .So when I click on the activate button it try
to connect to my ISP .What is the "activate "mean .
Is this how I should connect to internet ? Is there
any dialer like windows in linux ?

2)In windows when I get connected It shows a icone
from where I can see the connection speed . I did
not saw any icon like that in linux. What to do ?.
How I can disconnect from internet in linux ?

3) How I run my DVD (Lite-on) on linux .It identify my
two cdrom. But nothing happen when I insert my DVD disc.
What to do?

4) How I can access to fat32 when I am using linux ?

Please help me .

Thank You .

Redhat (fedora core 1 ) four basic quistion !!!!

Post by J B Car » Mon, 21 Jun 2004 02:47:31

I can help you with number 1 only. As root in a terminal window or in
text mode, use the "wvdialconf" tool (/usr/bin/wvdialconf) to recognize
and configure the modem, insert the proper information into the
"wvdial.conf" (/etc/wvdial.conf) file, then execute wvdial