suexec on redhat 9

suexec on redhat 9

Post by shova » Sat, 01 Nov 2003 09:14:52

is there a way to make redhat 9 httpd to run suexec?

I have a cgi-script provided by a third party software vendor that
gets "can't do setuid" in the httpd error_log.

I want to have the redhat httpd run suexec (as much as I've gathered,
this is what i need)

is there a way to do that?
and if not, and i have to download and compile the apache sources all
over - how do I replace the httpd installed from rpm with the one i'll
compile myself?


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We now have a solution (courtesy of Jakub Jelinek from RedHat) rather
than just a workaround:

From the Rawhide branch:

1) ASE needs to use /lib/i686/ to run properly. The
RedHat patch makes us load /lib/ instead. On a default
installation of AS 2.1, the library /lib/tls/ was not

2) Only glibc < 2.3.2-31 should load /lib/ if the warning
is printed.

3) Later glibc 2.3.2-31 and higher, will correctly load the

Thanks to everyone that was involved to resolve this issue!

This will be added to the ASE on Linux FAQ shortly
( ~mpeppler/Linux-ASE-FAQ.html)


Jason L. Froebe

Jason L. Froebe

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