grub mbr problem with win95hda rh7.3hdb

grub mbr problem with win95hda rh7.3hdb

Post by tlftgolf » Sun, 28 Sep 2003 01:04:43


Having some problems with grub (only used lilo before).
Installed win95 on primary master drive hda. Installed rh7.3 on
primary slave drive hdb.

Then moved hdb to an identical computer with win95 on the primary
master hda. Used the rh floppy created during installation to boot
rh7.3 on this new machine and as root "$$>/sbin/grub-install
/dev/hda" When rebooted I got a "stage1 grub error 21". Unable to
boot to either os I used a win98 boot disk and used fdisk /mbr to
recover at least the win95.

Then tried the rh7.3 boot disk in rescue mode and mounted chroot
/mnt/sysimage to be able to reissue the "$$>/sbin/grub-install
/dev/hda" command. When rebooted the same problem. "stage1 grub
error 21", fdisk /mbr again.

Then tried reinstalling 7.3 onto hdb. At end of installation booted
the system and was greeted by the word "grub". I let that stand for
20 plus minutes and then gave up.

Reinstalled the hdb drive back into the first computer and booted
it. Wow started right up in grub with a choice of either win95 or
rh7.3. I give. I'll transfer the components I need from the second
machine instead of the drive switch and continue on but what the hey!

Any thoughts on what I was doing wrong to get grub to boot??


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after successfully installed GRUB on my device at boot system shows me
GRUB GRUB GRUB indefinitely... no grub shell is available.
I read that I've to change file... but what does it means? file contains
(hd0) /dev/hda
and it seems to be ok due of my compact flash card is really first
hard disk with only 1 bootable partition (full compact flash size).
Thank you!

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