Setting up VSFTP at Home - Please Help

Setting up VSFTP at Home - Please Help

Post by mohamad218 » Mon, 13 Jun 2005 23:53:47

Good Day All,

I am trying to setup an ftp server at home so I can make some files
available over the internet. I am using VSFTP with redhat 8.0 and it works
fine as long I use the IP of my server at home provided by ISP. Here is the
trick, instead of using I want to be able to use something like

I don't have a lot of networking background, so please bare with me and
hopefully by answering these I'll have better Idea where to start.

1) Do I need to setup DNS ?
2) If I do, that means I need to have domain name hosted by my ISP, correct?
3) I heard that some companies offer free DNS hosting, if that is correct,
who are these companies?
4) what is the best way to approach this?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Setting up VSFTP at Home - Please Help

Post by MrSpiff » Sat, 18 Jun 2005 05:00:50

to make your ftp server over the internet you will need to have clients
point to your public IP address or public device name.

assuming you have a firewall - you do have one right? a linksys or netgear
fw / nat box is cheap - port forwarding needs to be set up like so:

internet ----> pub IP / name on firewall --> forward --> your ftp

(port 21 ip and udp for ftp)

now here's where the dns name comes into play.
your public IP address from your ISP is probably dynamic (changes) and has
a dns name like

so you will probably want a dns name for that address.
A dynamic name from is free. It will provide ---> you public IP adddress.

then people connect to your server on

note - the linksys routers have dyndns client update programs on them also.

if you want to have a dns domain of your own then it gets trickier.