Compiling new Kernel..

Compiling new Kernel..

Post by Ted Gervai » Fri, 05 Dec 2003 18:47:35

Hello everyone on the list. I have a simple question here. I am running RH9
and I just did n up2date and the process said I was running an unapproved
kernel. It says I should use the kernel that the up2date process provides.

Well I would like to do that but how does one update that installation to be
able to operate other functions. I compile my own kernel and compile in
the changes, over what orginally comes with RH. So, how does one allow the
up2date process do its' job and you still are able to amend the kernel to
do what you want? How is that done??
Ted Gervais
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia

Compiling new Kernel..

Post by Vwake » Fri, 05 Dec 2003 20:57:11

Just having 'kernel*' in the pkgSkipList in the config file should help I
think. The config file is in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date. Or try the GUI as
I don't remember the exact syntax.



Compiling new Kernel..

Post by Ted Gervai » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 05:52:13

Yup. I know where the config file is at. But once you find it, how do you
have RedHat (up2date) process make the changes to that file? For example -
you want to add another ethernet card. Once that RedHat never ticked off in
that file. How do you add it afterwards with doing a new compile? Or in
other words, without the up2date process doing the recompile??

Compiling new Kernel..

Post by Vwake » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 07:02:42

This file is a static file and a GUI can be used to change it. I am not
sure, you invoke it by doing:

# up2date-config


# up2date --configure

Check 'man up2date' or 'man -k up2date'

You lost me there totally! What adding a new ethernet card has to do with


Up2date never does a recompile. It just installs a binary kernel package.
Recompilation has to be done manually! Other than that I don't understand
the heck you are talking about.


Compiling new Kernel..

Post by Ted Gervai » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 07:25:27

Sorry about that. I guess it does sound confusing. What all this is about
is that the up2date process says I am not running the kernel that the
up2date process wants to install. I don't want to use that since it
installs a version that doesn't have installed all the features I want.
Because of that I compile up my own kernel (same version) and install that.
Everything works fine, except the up2date process says "whoa". So, what I
am asking than, is how can I get the up2date process to accept changes to
the kernel that it wants to install.

Perhaps - it will allow me to just run the config process on the existing
.config file (that it used) and than I could make the changes I wanted. I
wonder if that is all that is needed??

Compiling new Kernel..

Post by Vwake » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 07:38:21

OK. That's what I understood from your first post. And that's why I asked
you to add 'kernel' in the pkgSkipList. What this does is, it ignores the
kernel pkg updation. So it won't bother you with it's ultra intelligent
deduction that you are running your own version of kernel and not the
kernel IT knows of.

On the other hand, it's always better to skip certain system critical pkgs
like kernel and glibc. Sometimes certain updates might render the system
unstable. So you know what you did if you manually up2date the certain
pkgs and have it permanent if you are satisfied with it.

NO NO. Up2date doesn't do that at all. What it does, prolly is, check the
'uname -r' output and see if it matches with the ones it has in mind.

I am not even sure why you are getting all these, now. Coz in RH 9 IIRC,
'kernel' was by default added to the pkgSkipList.

Can you also post the file /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date.

For more read, 'man up2date'


Compiling new Kernel..

Post by Bob Jone » Sat, 06 Dec 2003 10:56:22


I don't think you can use up2date to upgrade the custom compiled kernels.
When you run up2date, it will first check the rpm database to look for the
currently installed version. It cannot find the information because only
packages installed through rpm are recorded in the database.

One way to upgrade would be to download and compile again.