Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Post by responde » Sun, 15 Oct 2006 19:07:11

President Bush's political adviser well knows the "news cycle", and that
news on Friday night is the least noticed of all. Again, the news they do
not want read is released on a Friday night.

The NSA wiretap issue is important primarily because there is no
oversight, there are no checks and balances. There is no apparent appeal.
The abuses possible were known almost three decades ago when the FISA
statute was passed and signed into US law. ;_ylt=A0SOwk_LqTBFYOYAdRd34T0D;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHVqMTQ4BHNlYwN5bnN1YmNhdA--

Look at the faces of the people in the pictures on these pages. They are
my face. They should be all of your faces.

The (NSA-Bush) warrant-less wiretap program (apparently) samples all data
on the wire, and saves it all for later use. If your name happens to be
(Republican) Rep. Foley, they can forget that; if you happen to be an
opponent of anything they (NSA-Bush) wants, you might be subject to

This is not something abstract or far away. This is all happening today
in the USA.

Please look again at the faces of the people in the pictures at these
pages. They are my face. They should be all of your faces. These are
not the faces of people who will be scammed or bullied.

No one of us here in the responsible life wants terrorists to have free
range. No one of us here wants amnesty or forgiveness for those who would
kill innocent non-combatants. There is no softness in our hearts for
killers. And there is no softness in our hearts for those who would
deceive us and steal our data. That is what (NSA-Bush) wiretap does.

And please make no mistake that they will not steal unencrypted data from
a *nix system just as quickly as from any other system. Keep up your due

Thank you for reading.

Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Post by base6 » Sun, 15 Oct 2006 23:52:53

ACLU *** s, founded by avowed communists/socialists, and some other
similar sorts who look like career whiners a' la that pathetic cow
hanging about Crawford, TX.

Personally, I'd think more of the government if I thought they had
the ability to do what you're implying :)

I've not met many of that sort who could find their arse with both
hands in the dark let alone subvert the country.

Thanks for playing, though :)


Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Post by responde » Mon, 16 Oct 2006 10:33:36

ase60 wrote:

"WordNet (r) 2.0"
n : slang terms for masturbation syn: jacking off, jerking
off, hand job
v : get sexual gratification through self-stimulation syn:
fuck off, she-bop, jack off, jerk off

I didn't know those were their affiliations, and you didn't support that
assertion. I will ignore that unsupported assertion.

I don't know what that has to do with the substance (if any) of your
message. I don't know what that has to do with security. Would your
opinion of warrantless wiretaps be different if they were being conducted
without oversight by "avowed communists/socialists" ?

If you are referring to anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, then perhaps
"pathetic" could be justified in some context that you did not explain.
Since you did not take the effort to explain that context, the term
pathetic is not justified. "cow" is simply pejorative. The comment is
simply mean-spirited, and without any substance.

"The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48" Pejorative
Pe*jor"a*tive, a. F. p'ejoratif, fr. L. pejor,
used as compar. of malus evil.
Implying or imputing evil; depreciatory; disparaging; unfavorable.
1913 Webster

The woman did lose her son. To be so crude as to call her a "cow" is just
adding insult to injury. It appears your interest is not so much in
security issues as it is in politics.

Unless you are President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald
Rumsfeld, or General Michael Hayden, you do not know any more than anyone
else about the issue. That is exactly the point: there is no oversight,
no checks and no balances. Even the members of Congress on committees
charged with oversight of these programs have not been briefed. I don't
even trust them, let alone some secretive cabal headed by the President,
that admittedly ignored and violated explicit federal law. Would you
trust some "avowed communists/socialists" to be wiretapping all your
communications ? I don't think so.

I wasn't "implying" anything that I did not say in plain language right up
front. The NSA in Maryland has been reported to be using more electricity
than the entire city of Anapolis. They are said to have several new
supercomputers on site that they cannot run because they do not have the
electric supply available. Draw your own conclusions. But if you think
that they are not doing absolutely everything they possibly can to
monitor, record and correlate communications, then you are a fool (IMHO).
:) And again, would you be less sanguine if this were being done by
"avowed communists/socialists" ? Maybe ?

The faces you see in these pictures are determined and serious. Their
identities and connections with the issues are clearly available. If it
were not their faces or if they are not successful in their legal
challenges, you would (will) later see the faces of soldiers and/or
partisans in violent conflicts. It is not ( _NOT_ ) a good precedent for
the President of the US to be admittedly ignoring explicit federal law.

So it is presumably reassuring that you can (presumably) find the
referenced body part with both hands in the dark. That is not to say that
you should have any expectation that I am willing to let those tainted
hands, or any others, "subvert the country" (in your words).

The security issue is that our security is acknowledg

Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Post by base6 » Mon, 16 Oct 2006 15:15:56

esponder wrote:

Yehp, seemed appropriate to me.

LOL... you seem to have no problem posting a lot of what could not
even charitably be called "unsupported assertion" ?

Roger Baldwin and Crystal Eastman founded the ACLU.

Feel free to google and see what you come up with.

American hating commies.

You listed the photos as faces of people like "us".

You can use yourself, but you certainly don't speak for "us".


Mother-of-god! Have you not seen a picture of that "woman"? :)

That Chinese crested dog that wins the ugly dog contest every
year is worse, but not by much :)

LOL.... Dude, all you have to do is look at a photo of the skag to
understand the "cow" reference.

Ug! Ly!

Her son served with honor, that says nothing about her.

That she uses her son's death as pathetic gambit for publicity does.

LOL... they're the stupid little pukes who got beat up too much on
the playground in school and now need someway to try to prove their
lives have some meaning.

They don't. They're just Cindy-wannabes... maybe the guy could join
the army and get himself slotted... might work.

Oh, please, give it a rest.

Clinton gave us carnivore etc. which was/is way worse than anything
you're talking about.

Where where all the left-wing whiners then?

Your real problem is that you're another left-wing ditz with a
woody for Bush.

Yeah, Bush is an idiot... and even most of the Republicans will be
glad to see him gone.

But what Bush as been done is certainly no more intrusive than anything
Clinton did: carnivoire, FBI files, etc.

Gore/Kerry lost. Get over it.

Megalomania. Look it up.

If someone was trying to do what you say and you actually were any
threat, you'd have been a wet job long ago.

Just the fact that you're alive and posting drivel disproves your

Again, Algore/Kerry lost. Deal with it.


This is entertainment for me...

Hey, are you another of matt_left_coasts IDs?

This looks like the sort of crap that he posts....

Have fun with your response, but you're obviously nuts and
it's never good to argue with whack jobs :)

Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Post by responde » Mon, 16 Oct 2006 17:01:28

No, you are mistaken. My real problem is _not_ that I am another
left-wing ditz (_definition_ [?]) with a woody for Bush. My problem is
our problem when the supreme executive of the United States of America
feels free to publicly declare that he has and will in the future ignore
and violate explicit statutory constraints. He has and has had lots of
options to change the laws to his liking, but has not done so. He has
instead just chosen to blatantly ignore all laws. That is a breakdown of

My problem is that he is wiretapping _my_ communications, illegally. My
problem is that he is also wiretapping other peoples' communications,
illegally. My problem is that he is and will be _blackmailing_ other
powerful people to assure their support for other, even more sinister

And there is no responsible agency to oversee these activities. And there
is no responsible agency to which and appeal or even a query can be

He and they could have done this [anti-terrorism thing] all legally, but
_chose_ to instead do it illegally.

The man and the plan and the administration are evil, and you are evil for
supporting him in such a malicious way. That is in "Bush" language, as in
"axis of evil".

Thanks for writing and showing your true colors.

Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Post by jqpx3 » Mon, 16 Oct 2006 23:08:42

If you actually knew anything about the ACLU, you'd know that the history of
the relationship between the ACLU and American Communists is hardly as
simple as you suggest.

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Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Post by jqpx3 » Mon, 16 Oct 2006 23:12:15



Uh, go to the ACLU website and google on "carnivore".


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Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Post by jqpx3 » Tue, 17 Oct 2006 00:04:09



By the same logic,

1. Many of the Founders were slave holders.
2. Slave holding is un-American
3. Thus, all those who revere the Founders, adhere to the tenets espoused
in the Constitution, have taken oaths to protect the Constitution and what
it stands for, etc, etc, are un-American.


Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Post by mr.b » Tue, 17 Oct 2006 07:30:59

On Sun, 15 Oct 2006 06:15:56 +0000, base60 wrote what someone else told
him to think:

other typographical diarrhea snipped for hygenic purposes


Friday night, again - NSA wiretap

Post by Harry Geor » Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:26:47

base60 < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes:

Let's ignore ACLU. This is, so maybe we could look
closer to home, like the EFF (or are they too commie for you?). We
are talking PATRIOT ACT, as in:

FWIW, here is my personal take: ~hgg9140/politics/patriot/index.html
In other words, I don't buy your pretense to own the m *** highground
as the "patriotic American".

The more I learn about real-life politics, the more I appreciate
Stallman's insistence on "free speech, not free beer".

Now back to our regularly scheduled "how to make Linux more secure".

Harry George
PLM Engineering Architecture