Serial port closing in java in Fedora Core 4

Serial port closing in java in Fedora Core 4

Post by jabels » Wed, 08 Mar 2006 02:30:08

Hello everybody!

We have an application developed in Java 1.4.2_07 that uses serial
ports to communicate with external energy equipments. We use de RXTX
API both for Linux FC4 and Windows. In the latter, everything is
working OK, but in Linux, when we try to close the connection with the
port (serialport.close()), it doesn't work several times (other yes, we

don't know why). When our program doesn't close the port, the file
/var/lock/LCK..ttyS0 remains there. We have traces in the source code
before and after the execution of the 'close' instruction and it seems
that the application hangs there, because neither an exception is
generated nor the post-execution trace is shown.

Could anyone please give me a clue of what may be happening?

Thank you in advance.

Abel S.